(A)   Any person proposing to erect any sign requiring a sign permit must submit a sign permit application to the Zoning Administrator. Application for such permit must be accompanied by detailed plans, including scaled drawings of the proposed sign and other information deemed necessary by the Zoning Administrator to determine compliance with all applicable regulations.
   (B)   All freestanding signs and illuminated signs require review and approval and the issuance of a building permit.
   (C)   Where a proposed sign includes elements of two different sign types (e.g., box signs, raceway-mounted channel letter signs, distinctive materials/design signs), the Zoning Administrator must determine the appropriate classification of the sign based on the dominant characteristics of the proposed sign.
   (D)   Where this section requires the submission of master sign plan, such sign plan must be submitted to the Zoning Administrator for review and approval.
   (E)   Sign permit fees must be paid prior to the issuance of a sign permit.
      (1)   The calculation of the sign permit fee for an on-premise freestanding sign or projecting sign is based on each sign face.
      (2)   For wall signs, only the actual copy is counted in calculating the sign permit fee.
      (3)   The calculation of the sign permit fee for an advertising sign is based on the gross area of each sign face. A sign permit must be obtained for each sign face.
      (4)   An annual registration fee must be submitted by the sign owner to the county by February 1 of each year for each sign face on an advertising sign structure. The annual registration fee will be doubled if paid after February 1.
      (5)   In accordance with ILCS Ch. 225, Act 440, and Title 92 Part 522 of the Illinois Administrative Code, applicants for sign permits for advertising signs adjacent to the federal-aid primary or interstate system must provide verification that an Illinois state permit was issued and are subject to all applicable permits and fees required. No sign permits may be issued until such verification is provided to the Zoning Administrator.
   (F)   If the work associated with a sign permit has not been completed within one year of the date of the issuance of the permit, such permit will lapse and become null and void.
(Ord. effective 10-1-2012)