§ 155-13.80 MASTER SIGN PLANS.
   (A)   Applicability. No sign permit may be issued for a new multi-tenant development until a master sign plan has been reviewed and approved by the county. A master sign plan is not required for existing multi-tenant developments except when the development is being rehabilitated or expanded and the value of such rehabilitation or expansion exceeds three times the equalized assessed valuation of the development (based upon information obtained from the Will County Supervisor of Assessments or Township Assessor) for the most recent tax year.
   (B)   Contents of master sign plans. Master sign plans must indicate the number, location, materials, colors and dimensions of all freestanding and wall signs in the multi-tenant development. The master sign plan must also identify the types proposed and any other information necessary to determine whether the proposed signs comply with the sign regulations of this article.
   (C)   Design. Master sign plans must describe and illustrate a consistent pattern of signage in the development. All signs within the development must have at least three of the following design elements in common:
      (1)   Common colors on the background or text;
      (2)   Common lettering style;
      (3)   Common size (e.g., a height or wall location common to each sign); or
      (4)   Common materials.
   (D)   Sign structure color. All sign cabinets, trim caps, returns and all sign supports such as poles and braces must be of a common color.
   (E)   Plan approval and amendments. The Zoning Administrator is authorized to approve master sign plans and amendments to master sign plans. Amendments to master sign plans may be approved by the Zoning Administrator only if all signs approved under the existing master sign plan are in conformance or are brought into conformance with the provisions of the amended master sign plan.
(Ord. effective 10-1-2012)