The following signs and sign characteristics are prohibited except as otherwise expressly stated:
   (A)   Signs that obstruct any fire escape, required exit, window or door opening used as a means of egress;
   (B)   Signs that interfere with an opening required for ventilation, except that signs may cover transom windows when not in violation of building and fire prevention codes;
   (C)   Signs, other than allowed campaign signs, special event signs and advertising signs (see § 155-13.30(C)(3) and (C)(4) and § 155-13.60), that direct attention to a business, commodity service, or entertainment conducted, sold, or offered elsewhere than upon the premises where such sign is located or to which it is affixed;
   (D)   Signs larger than two square feet in area that are suspended by chains, ropes, or other means designed to allow the sign to swing or move freely;
   (E)   Signs affixed directly to a tree, pole, fence or traffic control device;
   (F)   Signs that obstruct, impair, obscure, interfere with the view of, or that may be confused with, any authorized traffic control sign, signal, or device;
   (G)   Signs that violate the vision clearance provisions of § 155-14.80;
   (H)   Signs attached to or painted on an inoperable or unlicensed vehicle (motorized or non-motorized) located in view of the right-of-way;
   (I)   Signs attached to or painted on a licensed vehicle that is located in view of the right-of-way when the Zoning Administrator determines that the vehicle is parked solely for the purpose of displaying the sign to passing motorists or pedestrians (this prohibition is not intended to apply to vehicles regularly used for deliveries or otherwise integral to the operation of a legally operated business on the subject property);
   (J)   Search lights and rotating beams of light, including those that resemble emergency lights;
   (K)   Signs located in or that extend into the public right-of-way or that project beyond property lines (this prohibition on signs in the right-of-way does not apply to signs established by, or by order of, any governmental agency); and
   (L)   Signs that include flashing lights, projected or moving images, moving parts or that emit noise, unless otherwise expressly authorized by regulations of this section.
(Ord. effective 10-1-2012)