§ 155-12.100 LANDSCAPE PLAN.
   A landscape plan must be submitted at the time of site development permit review. If a site development permit is not required, the landscape plan must be submitted with the building permit application. The landscape plan must have a minimum scale of 1" = 50' and include at least the following information:
   (A)   Location, species, and size of existing trees with a DBH of six inches or greater that are proposed to be removed and the location, species and size of replacement trees.
   (B)   Location of trees and vegetation proposed for use within required landscape areas in sufficient detail for a determination that the plan conforms with this article.
   (C)   The vehicular use areas clearly identified and dimensioned for the purpose of determining compliance with the landscape requirements for each vehicular use area and a tabulation in chart form of each vehicular use area including the square footage of each vehicular use area, the square footage of each interior landscape area, and the number of trees proposed to meet interior and perimeter requirements.
   (D)   A plant list of proposed landscape materials showing caliper sizes, root type (bare root, balled and burlapped, container size), height of material, botanical and common names, type and amount of mulch, ground cover and grasses.
   (E)   Specifications for treatment of compacted soil within required landscape areas.
   (F)   Specifications for planting media in required landscape areas.
   (G)   The location of walls, fences, walks and other hard landscaping materials.
   (H)   Irrigation plan or location of water outlets.
   (I)   Planting and staking details to ensure proper installation and establishment of proposed plant materials.
   (J)   Identification of a landscape maintenance program including a statement that all diseased, damaged, or dead material will be replaced by the end of the following planting season, in perpetuity.
   (K)   Identification of snow storage areas including a statement that snow will not be pushed onto interior landscape islands unless designed for and identified on the landscape plan for snow storage.
   (L)   Other information or data determined necessary by the Zoning Administrator, such as construction details and/or cross-sections sufficient to resolve specific site conditions. These conditions include, but are not limited to berms, retaining walls, screen walls, fences, or culverts to maintain natural drainage patterns.
(Ord. effective 10-1-2012)