All public and private parking areas, including non-accessory parking uses and vehicle and equipment sales and rental uses must be designed, developed, and maintained in accordance with the following requirements.
   (A)   Plans for the design of parking areas are subject to approval by the county.
   (B)   Parking areas must be graded for proper drainage and provided with an all-weather surface material capable of carrying a wheel load of 4,000 pounds maintained at all times in such a manner as to prevent the release of dust and to be free of dust, trash and debris. The use of pervious paving material is encouraged.
   (C)   Parking areas must be provided with entrances and exits of at least 12 feet in width and located to minimize traffic congestion. Except on residential lots, each off-street parking space must open directly upon an aisle or driveway at least 12 feet in width or such additional width and design to provide safe and efficient means of vehicular access to parking spaces.
   (D)   Parking areas must be designed with appropriate means of vehicular access to a street or alley in a manner that will least interfere with traffic movement.
   (E)   Except for parallel parking spaces, each required off-street parking space must be at least nine feet in width and at least 18 feet in length, exclusive of access drives or aisles, ramps, columns, or office or work space. Parallel parking spaces must be 22 feet in length. All parking spaces must have a vertical clearance of at least seven feet.
(Ord. effective 10-1-2012)