Self-service storage facilities are subject to all of the following regulations.
   (A)   Self-service storage facilities are limited to dead storage use only.
   (B)   No activities other than rental storage units and pick-up and deposit of dead storage are allowed on the premises.
   (C)   All storage on the property must be kept within an enclosed building, except in the I-3 district where outdoor storage of recreational vehicles is allowed as of right and in I-1 and I-2 districts, where outdoor storage of recreational vehicles may be approved as a special use.
   (D)   A fence must be provided around the perimeter of all drive-up style self-service storage developments. The fence must be at least six feet in height and must be constructed of opaque materials such as brick, stone, architectural tile, masonry units, wood, or similar finish materials that will prevent the passage of light and debris. Chain link and woven wire fences are expressly prohibited.
   (E)   No door openings for a drive-up style self-storage unit may face any R-zoned property.
   (F)   No drive-up style self-service storage building may exceed 12 feet in height.
   (G)   No drive-up style individual storage unit may exceed 600 square feet in floor area.
   (H)   Parking and loading/unloading areas must be provided. Drive-up style self-service storage uses may provide required parking within parking/driving lanes adjacent to the storage unit buildings. These lanes must be at least 26 feet in width when storage units open onto only one side of the lane and at least 30 feet in width when storage units open onto both sides of the lane.
   (I)   No person, on premises covered by a special use permit for self-service storage facility may conduct:
      (1)   Any business activity (other than rental of storage units) including miscellaneous or garage sales, and transfer/storage businesses that utilize vehicles as part of the business.
      (2)   Servicing or repair of motor vehicles, boats, trailers, lawn mowers, or any similar equipment.
   (J)   All self-service storage facility rental/lease agreements must include clauses prohibiting:
      (1)   The storage of flammable liquids, highly combustible or explosive materials, or hazardous chemicals.
      (2)   The use of the property for uses other than dead storage.
(Ord. effective 10-1-2012; Ord. 18-1, passed 1-18-2018)