§ 155-9.170 MOBILE HOMES.
   (A)   General.
      (1)   Mobile homes are allowed only in approved mobile home parks, on residential leasehold parcels, and in the C-6 district for caretaker or security purposes with an approved special use permit except that a single mobile home is permitted on a lot in the A-1 district with an area of at least ten acres.
      (2)   Mobile homes are subject to applicable health code regulations.
   (B)   Mobile home parks.
      (1)   Permits and approvals.
         (a)   No mobile home park may be established until a special use permit has been approved in accordance with the procedures of § 155-16.40 and the park owner has provided evidence that all state and county requirements have been met and all required permits have been obtained.
         (b)   Existing mobile homes in nonconforming mobile home parks may be replaced, but no additional mobile home units may be added to a nonconforming mobile home park, and the extent of the park's non-conformity may not be increased.
      (2)   Minimum park size. Mobile home parks must have a minimum area of nine acres.
      (3)   Maximum density. The maximum density of a mobile home park may not exceed ten mobile homes per acre of mobile home park area.
      (4)   Minimum space size. Each mobile home space must have a minimum area of 4,000 square feet and a minimum width of 40 feet. No more than one mobile home is allowed per mobile home space.
      (5)   Minimum setbacks. Mobile homes are subject to the following minimum setbacks:
         (a)   From internal park accessways: ten feet;
         (b)   From public streets: 50 feet;
         (c)   From other mobile homes: ten feet.
      (6)   Mobile home stands. Mobile homes must be placed on concrete slabs, piers or runners and be anchored in compliance with applicable state requirements.
      (7)   Internal accessways. All vehicular accessways within a mobile home park must be privately owned and maintained. Vehicular accessways must be paved, with a minimum pavement width of 24 feet.
      (8)   Tenant storage. At least 250 cubic feet of storage area must be provided for each mobile home space in the mobile home park. Tenant storage space may be located in a central building or in individual enclosed storage buildings on each mobile home space.
      (9)   Recreation area. One or more outdoor recreation areas must be provided within each mobile home park. Required recreation area must be located to ensure safety and convenience for users.
      (10)   Water and sewer. Mobile home parks must be served by central water and sewer service.
(Ord. effective 10-1-2012; Ord. 18-1, passed 1-18-2018; Ord. 19-237, passed 9-19-2019)