(A)   Any residential leasehold parcel created on or after October 1, 2012 must comply with the subdivision ordinance and all buildings and development on such parcels must comply with applicable zoning regulations.
   (B)   Residential leasehold parcels in existence before October 1, 2012 are deemed to be nonconforming lots.
      (1)   No further subdivision, division or parcelization of such residential lease-hold parcels, other than boundary adjustments that do not result in the creation of additional leasehold parcels, are allowed.
      (2)   Permits may be issued for new construction, mobile home placement and building additions on residential leasehold parcels in existence before October 1, 2012, provided that the proposed construction or placement complies with the Building Ordinance, Water Resource Ordinance and the following lot and building regulations:
Lot and Building Regulations
Maximum Building Height
Maximum Acc. Building Area (sq. ft.)
      (3)   Accessory dwelling units of any type are expressly prohibited on nonconforming leasehold parcels.
(Ord. effective 10-1-2012; Ord. 18-1, passed 1-18-2018)