Landscape and food waste composting operations and land application of landscape waste (including grass clippings, leaves and chipped brush) or food waste (including discarded fruits, vegetables, and grains) are subject to all of the following regulations.
   (A)   Only activities that do not require a permit from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Land (IEPA-BOL) are allowed.
   (B)   Landscape waste compost material must be applied on land farmed by the operator of the compost facility. Land application of landscape waste and food waste may occur only on parcels on which an annual crop was planted and harvested during the previous 12-month period.
   (C)   Landscape waste composted and land-applied landscape waste and food waste must be incorporated (tilled) within five days of application at analytically determined agronomic rates including consideration of the carbon/nitrogen ratio, based on soil type, nutrient needs of the soil, nutrient needs of the crop to be grown, and nutrient contents of the material to be applied.
   (D)   All litter must be removed from landscape waste and food waste upon receipt and prior to composting and land application. All litter must be removed from windrows of landscape waste and land applied landscape waste and food waste.
   (E)   The required analytical determination must be based on current crop nutrient needs based on a laboratory soil test by a participating Illinois Soil Testing Association laboratory and include a specified rate of application. The analytical determination must be available for review within ten working days of a request by the county.
   (F)   At no time may the depth of applied landscape waste composted material or food waste exceed the determined agronomic rate. Landscape waste and/or food waste to be land-applied must be land-applied within five days of its arrival at the site.
(Ord. effective 10-1-2012)