§ 155-9.140 AUTO SALVAGE.
   (A)   All outdoor auto salvage operations must be enclosed on all sides by a solid wall or fence at least eight feet in height. No junk or salvage material may be visible from adjacent streets and lots.
   (B)   All gasoline, motor oils, brake and transmission fluids, antifreeze, hydraulic fluids, battery acids and other fluids must be removed immediately from all salvaged vehicles. Such fluids must be stored and disposed of in a manner that avoids soil and environmental contamination of the subject site and prevents contamination of surrounding properties and waterways.
   (C)   Only processed vehicles may be stored outdoors. Processed vehicle storage areas must have an aggregate base at least four inches in depth throughout and be graded so that no pools of water are present. Pathways at least 20 feet in width must be provided in vehicle storage area to permit access by emergency vehicles.
   (D)   All vehicle crushing must be conducted on an impervious surface.
   (E)   Only processed vehicles may be crushed. Crushed vehicles may be stacked two high and must be stored on an impervious surface.
   (F)   Auto salvage establishments must be properly maintained at all times.
(Ord. effective 10-1-2012; Ord. 18-1, passed 1-18-2018)