§ 166.065 ENFORCEMENT.
   (A)   The Will County Land Use Department, Division of Building and Zoning, shall give written notification, sent by certified mail, return receipt, postage prepaid requested, of any violation of this chapter to the owner of record, lessor, the trustee, or other legally responsible party for such property, stating in such notification that they have inspected the property and have found it in violation of this chapter.
   (B)   They shall state in the notification in clear precise terms a description or explanation of the violation.
   (C)   The property owner of record, trustee, lessor, or legally responsible party shall have 30 days from the date he receives the notice in which to correct such violation or to give satisfactory evidence that he or she has taken steps that will lead to correcting such violation within a stated period of time, which time must be agreeable to the Division of Building and Zoning as being fair and reasonable.
   (D)   Upon petition of the Preservation Commission, the Circuit Court for Will County may restrain and/or enjoin any construction, removal, alteration, or demolition in violation of this Act and may order the removal in whole or part of any exterior architectural feature existing in violation of this chapter and may further order such reconstruction as may be necessary or desirable to redress any alteration or demolition in said violation.
(Res. 92-192, passed 9-17-1992)