The following are general provisions propounded to make more clear matters relative to scope and jurisdiction of this chapter.
   (A)   No provision herein shall supersede the powers of other local legislative or regulatory bodies or relieve any property owner from complying with the requirements of any other state statute or code or ordinance of the county or individual municipal ordinances or regulations, and any permit or license required thereunder shall be required in addition to any Certificate of Appropriateness or Economic Hardship which may be required hereunder; provided, however, that where a Certificate of Appropriateness or Economic Hardship is required, no such other permit or license shall be issued by any other agency under the jurisdiction of the Will County Board before a certificate has been issued by the Commission as herein provided.
   (B)   The use of property and improvements which have been designated under this chapter shall be governed by the Will County Zoning Ordinance, as amended.
   (C)   If any particular section of this chapter is declared to be unconstitutional or void, only the particular section is affected, and all other sections of this chapter shall remain in full force and effect.
   (D)   For purposes of remedying emergency conditions determined to be dangerous to life, health or property, the Commission may waive the procedures set forth herein and grant immediate approval for a Certificate of Appropriateness. The Commission shall state its reasons in writing for such approval.
   (E)   No member of the Preservation Commission shall vote on any matter that may materially or apparently affect the property, income, or business interest of that member.
(Res. 92-192, passed 9-17-1992)