§ 30.02  COMMITTEES.
   (A)   Committee appointments.  The County Board Speaker, in consultation with the Legislative Democratic and Republican Caucus Chairs, shall appoint the Chair of each standing committee from the membership of the Democratic or Republican parties, and shall appoint such other members of the nine standing committees as is deemed necessary for the proper oversight and functioning of the business of the Board.
   (B)   Committee vacancies. Whenever any member of any committee is either temporarily or permanently unable to perform the duties of such appointment due to resignation, death, disability, illness, or absence, the appointing authority may declare such position vacant and appoint another member to fill the vacancy. If the vacancy is temporary and not permanent, the appointment shall terminate once the incumbent member is able to return to perform the duties of the committee assignment. If a member misses three consecutive meetings, the County Board Speaker may replace that member either permanently or temporarily.
   (C)   Standing committees.
      (1)   There shall be nine permanent committees of the County Board. Each permanent committee shall consist of at least five members, except the following: the Executive Committee, which shall consist of at least 13 members.
      (2)   The date and time of a committee's meeting shall be set by the County Board Speaker in consultation with the Committee Chair. At a meeting of a committee, in the absence of a Committee Chair, the Committee Vice-Chair shall act as temporary Chair. In the absence of the Chair and Vice-Chair, present committee members, with the ability to comprise a quorum, may elect a Chair-Pro-tem in order to conduct the business of the Committee.
      (3)   The permanent committees and their responsibilities are as follows:
         (a)   Executive.
            1.   This Committee shall be responsible for the following:
               a.   Assignment of all matters to all standing committees for consideration.
               b.   Consideration of all County Executive appointments.
               c.   The approval of the County Board agenda.
               d.   Making a recommend- ation to the Board on all contracts for professional services, including but not limited to insurance and audits.
               e.   The review and oversight of the Community Development Block Grant Program, including recommendations to the Board for grant proposals. Economic development; hearings on the issuance of county licenses, in accordance with state statutes and local resolutions and ordinances.
               f.   All other matters not specifically assigned to other committees of the Board.
            2.   Membership on the Executive Committee shall be comprised of at least the following:
               a.   County Board Speaker;
               b.   Legislative Democratic and Republican Caucus Chairs or, in the absence of the Legislative Democratic or Republican Caucus Chair, the Democratic or Republican Whip;
               c.   Chair of each of the eight other standing committees of the Board or, in the absence of any such Chair, the Committee's Vice-Chair; and
               d.   In addition to the County Board Speaker, Legislative Democratic and Republican Caucus Chair and Committee Chairs, all remaining members shall be determined by leadership.
         (b)   Finance.  This Committee shall be responsible for the following:
            1.   Making recommendations concerning county fiscal policies and financial administration.
            2.   Establishing and reviewing County Board budget priorities.
            3.   The  examination,  review,  analysis,  and where appropriate the modification of the annual budget proposed by the County Executive.
            4.   The preparation of the annual appropriation and levy ordinances for the county.
            5.   The review of all internal and external audits of all county departments and the offices of all elected county officials.
            6.   The review and disposition of grant requests.
            7.   Review and approve all county indebtedness and approve of any short-term or long-term borrowings.
            8.   The appropriation of salaries of all county employees, appointed officials and officeholders.
            9.   The review of all matters of taxation and finance for the purpose of generating new revenue for the county.
            10.   This Committee shall also receive monthly financial reports from the County Executive's Office containing both monthly and year-to-date income statements, revenue projections, expense statements and projections and projected budget surpluses and/or shortfalls. The Committee shall include a summary statement of the County Executive's report in its report to the Executive Committee.
         (c)   Public Works & Transportation.  This Committee shall be responsible for the following:
            1.   Recommending to the County Board the prioritization of proposed public works and transportation projects, the development and expansion of current vendor list, the review and policy-setting of planning, acquisition, construction, improvement, demolitions, modification, and maintenance of Will County's infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, right-of- ways, water systems, cable systems and resource recovery systems.
            2.   In conjunction with the Land Use & Development Committee, this Committee shall be responsible for oversight and review of infrastructure to insure the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of the county, and shall be responsible for solid waste planning, oversight and compliance, in conjunction with any special committee appointed in accordance with federal or state statutes, rules and regulations, and the siting of regional pollution control facilities.
            3.   Finally, this Committee shall monitor all aspects of the county's Solid Waste Management Plan, shall conduct those public hearings required by statute, rule, regulation or ordinance (except as otherwise may be determined by the County Board), and shall make recommendations to the Board for the expenditure of county revenues and funds allocated for environmental matters. Nothing in these rules shall supersede specific lawful statutory assignments of authority.
         (d)   Judicial.  This Committee shall be responsible for the examination, review, analysis, recommendation and policy setting for the judicial and law enforcement needs of the county (excepting the construction or expansion of facilities), including the needs of the Circuit Court, the Jury Commission, the State's Attorney, the Sheriff, the Coroner, the Circuit Court Clerk, the Public Defender, the Adult and Juvenile Detention Facilities, the Probation Department, and the Juvenile Detention Ad Hoc Committee, among others.
         (e)   Public Health, & Safety.  This Committee shall be responsible for the following:
            1.   The examination, review, analysis and policy setting of the county's health, and public welfare needs.
            2.   To act as the liaison between the County Board and the Board of Health and the Health Department Administration.
            3.   Identifying the changing needs of Will County's aging and disabled population.
            4.   Oversight of the EMA (Emergency Management Agency), Animal Control Department, and all community programs within the county.
         (f)   Land Use & Development.  This Committee shall be responsible for the following:
            1.   Examination, review, analysis and policy setting of the Will County Land Resource Management Plan, including landfills and wetlands, as well as the land use needs and requirements of the county.
            2.   Review, adoption, and modification to the county's land use plans, zoning ordinances, and subdivision ordinances, construction guidelines and building codes and standards, stormwater regulation policy and associated fees.
            3.   Policy and associated fees for the county's Geographic Information System (GIS).
            4.   All proposals for changes to or modifications involving agricultural lands or flood plains.
            5.   In conjunction with the Public Works & Transportation Committee, provide oversight and review of infrastructure to insure the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of the county.
         (g)   Legislative and Policy.  This Committee shall be responsible for the following:
            1.   Examination, review and coordination of the state and federal legislative needs of the county. Such needs shall include, but are not limited to, recommendations for legislation transmitted from any standing committee, any Board member(s) or an elected county official or department head to the Executive Committee.
            2.   Communication liaison with federal and state county legislators, for legislative and grant assistance and to foster better intergovernmental cooperation between all levels of government. Where time is of the essence and the Legislative Committee is unable to meet then the Legislative Committee Chair shall consult with leadership for purposes of determining the legislative message to be conveyed.
            3.   The examination, review, analysis, and recommendation to the County Board of all matters dealing with general county policy issues and amendments to the County Board Rules.
         (h)   Capital Improvements.  This Committee shall be responsible for the following:
            1.   Making recommendations to the County Board on matters dealing with accommodating the space needs of Will County Government including all branches of government and all constitutional officers for both the long and short term.
            2.   Review and analysis of lease options for the county.
            3.   Provide oversite, planning and recommendations on other matters dealing with capital improvements, including, but not limited to, communications, infrastructure matters, and projects of benefit to the citizens of Will County.
            4.   Make recommendations on matters of economic benefit to the citizens of Will County.
         (i)   Insurance and Personnel.  This Committee is responsible for the examination, review, analysis and policy setting of the county's various insurance plans and policies, personnel policy issues including, but not limited to, the examination and review of employee salaries and job descriptions, and, setting policy on deferred compensation and employee development programs offered in the county.
      (4)   Ad hoc committees shall be appointed by the County Board Speaker with the concurrence of the Executive Committee. Every ad hoc committee shall consist of a sufficient number of members to accomplish the specific purpose or purposes for which it was created.
      (5)   The County Board may meet as a “Committee of the Whole” by the call of the County Board Speaker, or an affirmative vote of a majority of the Executive Committee, or upon the affirmative vote of 14 County Board members at a regular meeting of the County Board, or upon a written request setting forth the items for discussion and signed by 14 members of the County Board. The time, place and agenda for any meeting of the “Committee of the Whole” shall be set by the County Board Speaker consistent with the provisions of this division and rules, and published and posted in accordance with Illinois law.
   (D)   Powers of committees. 
      (1)   The various elected officials and department heads, in addition to the County Board staff, shall provide such assistance, information and support to the standing committees and to the Board as a whole, as may be required, by said committees or by the Board. Information required by the Board or any of its standing committees shall be provided upon request of any Board member or Board staff.
      (2)   The staffing for the standing committees shall be provided by the County Board staff and access to the Executive Committee agenda shall be through the County Board staff.
      (3)   All County Board Committees, in the exercise of their legislative functions and powers, shall have the right to summon employees and to review those documents and records necessary or helpful in the exercise of such responsibilities. Willful failure to respond to a request issued to a county employee or appointed department head by a Board Committee shall be sufficient cause to authorize the committee to apply to the Board for a resolution of notification to the appropriate county officer (elected official) of the failure of his or her employee/employees to appear, and to request an immediate redress of said grievance.
   (E)   Written minutes.  All Committees shall keep written minutes and all such forms of minutes as required by law. Minute books for every committee shall be kept in the County Board Office. Secretarial services shall be provided by the County Board staff.
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