(A)   A soil evaluation must be conducted before issuance of a permit to install a private sewage disposal system. The evaluation must be conducted by a representative of the County Health Department or by others identified in § 905.55 of the State Department of Public Health, Private Sewage Disposal Licensing Act and Code. The following must be adhered to when setting up a soil evaluation.
      (1)   Legal description, a plat of survey or facsimile, tax number, name, address and phone number must be submitted. The soil evaluation process will not start until this information is made available.
      (2)   Specific directions from the Health Department to the site must be provided.
      (3)   Three holes, three feet wide by three feet long by five feet deep must be in the proposed location of the individual sewage treatment system. These holes shall be no less than 50 feet apart and tapered at one end for easy entrance and exit by the Health Department. At least one hole must be dug to at least eight feet deep when bedrock may be in the area based on the latest official soil maps for the county as prepared by the Soil Conservation Service of the United States Department of Agriculture.
      (4)   The property must be visibly staked at the corners with four feet or more of the stake above the ground and topped with a bright flag.
      (5)   The area of the intended septic field must be staked at each corner with ribbons encircling the proposed field.
      (6)   A sign by the road with letters “SE” must be clearly displayed.
      (7)   If vegetative growth over 12 inches high is present on the lot, a path must be cut to and around the holes.
      (8)   After the soil evaluation is completed, you will be notified in writing of the results if the notification is requested.
   (B)   Once the soil evaluation or soil classification is done, a sewage permit can be issued as long as the final elevations of the proposed location of the subsurface ground absorption septic system are not changed. The installation of a subsurface ground absorption septic system in ground that has recently been filled in excess of one foot is prohibited and the soil evaluation or soil classification will be voided. The excavation and/or refilling of soil in the area designated for the installation of a subsurface ground absorption system is also prohibited.
(1980 Code, § 51.15) (Ord. 14-279, passed 10-16-2014)