§ 51.01  PURPOSE.
   (A)   The purpose of this chapter is to amend the minimum requirements, design, location, installation, construction, maintenance, and operation of all sewage treatment or disposal systems and appurtenances, requiring the approval of the Health Authority before final subdivision approval is issued, and repealing those parts of the Will County Sewage Treatment and Disposal Ordinance approved August 5, 1963, amended June 14, 1976, and amended April 25, 1979, July 16,1987, September 25,1992, October 17,1996, amended April 18, 2002, August 1, 2005, and amended November 6, 2007 and February 28, 2011, October 16, 2014 and August 18, 2016 which are in conflict herewith and fixing penalties.
   (B)   The purpose of this chapter is also to establish a fee schedule for sewage treatment and disposal related fees and to provide for the incorporation by reference of the standards of the Illinois Department of Public Health as set forth in its rules and regulations entitled Private Sewage Disposal Licensing Act and Code, ILCS Ch. 225, Act 225 and any subsequent revisions and ILCS Ch. 55, Act 5, §5-15010 and ILCS Ch. 55, Act 5, § 5-1052 and any subsequent revisions.  All fees are non-refundable.
(1980 Code, §51.01)  (Res. 07-412, adopted 10-18-2007; Ord. 11-74, passed 2-17-2011; Ord. 14-279, passed 10-16-2014; Ord. 16-235, passed 8-18-2016)