(A)   Drain tile shall be installed around the outside of the foundation adjacent to the footings, connected to a sump pump, which shall discharge into an approved drainage facility or to a point a minimum of ten feet away from the structure. Said point to then positively drain away. Drainage must be provided on the perimeter of interior or exterior of all basement and crawl spaces when encompassing a habitable space. With the prior approval of the Building Official, drain tile may be "day-lighted."
   (B)   In no case shall footing drains and/or sump pumps be connected to any sanitary sewer system, or septic system.
   (C)   Footings for single family dwelling units and commercial/industrial buildings containing no basement or crawl space are permitted provided a minimum 12 inch width and a minimum of 42 inch depth below grade is specified. This depth is to be measured below grade. Where the foundation wall extends through the over dig, reinforcing bars shall be provided and shall extend into the adjacent foundation.
   (D)   Bottom of footings, shall be not less than three feet, six inches below finished grade, except where placed on verified, solid bed rock. Minimum size of footings shall be 10" x 20" with standard "keyway", or as approved by the Building Official.
   (E)   A foundation wall is required under all stoops, decks, and/or landings supporting a roof.
   (F)   Postholes shall be a minimum ten inch diameter and shall extend a minimum of three feet, six inches below finished grade.
   (G)   Foundation shall be backfilled with clean fill. Do not use debris for backfilling.
   (H)   All columns supporting beams must bear centrally on a minimum 36" x 36" x 12" deep concrete pier footing. Rivet, weld or bolt top of steel column to steel girders (or lag screw to wood girders) and anchor bottom by bolts or embed in concrete. Column footings shall be protected from frost.
   (I)   All structures and accessory structures shall be required to provide a minimum of four inch thick
floor slab. Floor slabs shall be. All slabs shall have a minimum of four-inch compacted stone base. Consideration shall be given for exemption for agricultural needs and unique circumstances.
   (J)   When concrete floor is installed in heated areas, a minimum six mil. vapor barrier must be provided with a minimum six inch overlap.
   (K)   The wing walls used to support stoops must be reinforced and installed per an approved design.
   (L)   All new detached structures 1,000 square feet area or less shall have a minimum 18 inch (12 inches below and six inches above) deep by 12 inch wide trench footing. A minimum four inch slab included in the 18 inch thickness shall be placed over a compacted four inch stone base. Detached structures having more than one level may require a foundation design by a licensed design professional.
   (M)   An attached garage shall be completely separated from the residence and its attic by a minimum 5/8 inch drywall applied to the garage side with joints properly taped and cemented, or equivalent. Where the separation is a floor ceiling assembly, the structure supporting the separation shall also be protected by not less than ½ inch drywall. The common wall and entry between the garage and house must be protected by a minimum four inch gas curb.
   (N)   Concrete shall be placed only on clean compacted fill (compacted to 95% Proctor density) stone fill or virgin clay free from any vegetation, debris, or organic soils. Additions may be exempt per the Building Official.
   (O)   All commercial/industrial structural pier drawings shall be designed, sealed, signed, and dated by a registered design professional.
   (P)   All wood decks enclosed or otherwise after removal of organic vegetation shall have installed a minimum of two inch stone base over six mil visqueen or as approved by the Building Official, (exception to the above where the entire space under the deck is accessible at a minimum height of 30 inches).
   (Q)   Foundation walls longer than 50 feet shall have additional support to resist lateral loads.
(Ord. 14-103, passed 5-15-2014)  Penalty, see § 150.999