(A)   Pursuant to Public Act 86-0924 as passed by the State General Assembly and signed by the Governor amending § 9.07, “An act to revise the law in relation to recorders approved March 9, 1974, as amended”, being ILCS Ch. 55, Act 5, § 3-5018, the County Recorder of this county shall, in addition to the fees provided therein, charge an additional fee of $3 instead of $2, for the filing of every instrument, paper or notice for record.
      (1)   Each $3 fee collected shall be placed in a special fund to be held by the County Treasurer.
      (2)   The moneys collected and placed in the special fund shall be used to defray the cost of converting the document storage system of the recorder to computers or micrographics and the moneys shall be used solely to provide the equipment, materials and necessary expense and costs incurred in the implementing and maintaining of a document records systems.
   (B)   A fee in the Recorder of Deeds office, not to exceed $0.05 per “enter” request on remote terminal, is hereby established as a user fee for private industry to access public files through remote terminals.
(1980 Code, § 38.02)  (Res. 89-258, adopted 9-21-1989; Res. 89-269, adopted 10-19-1989)