(A)   County employees may become members of the Central Credit Union of the county. The Payroll Department is authorized to make deductions from employee’s pay after receiving proper authorization.
   (B)   The county will not be involved with any phase of the day-to-day operation of the Credit Union. The county’s participation will be limited to the payroll deduction function only. All employee questions and business will be handled directly by the Credit Union.
   (C)   The county assumes no responsibility for the application of the deduction to either savings or loan repayment. The Credit Union agrees to hold the county free from all liability in connection with the Credit Union deductions except for the ordinary diligence and care in making proper deductions and transmitting money and listing to the Credit Union.
   (D)   The following procedures shall be followed.
      (1)   Informational packets with membership cards shall be initially distributed to all employees with their paychecks. Additional packets will be sent to the Personnel Department for future new employees.
      (2)   Membership data and payroll deduction authorizations will be forwarded to the Credit Union. The county will start, change or stop deductions only when a signed employee authorization, approved by the Credit Union, has been filed with the Payroll Department for at least ten days prior to the effective paydate.
      (3)   The county will make the approved payroll deductions only from the mid-month paycheck, only in whole dollars, and only when there is enough net pay to make the deductions.
      (4)   Checks and deduction listings will be made available to the Credit Union no later than the paydate.
(1980 Code, § 36.26)  (Res. 80-34, adopted 3-26-1980)