Streams Studied by Detailed Methods within the Flood Insurance Study
Butterfield Creek
Kahler Road Drainage Ditch
Spring Creek
Deer Creek
Kankakee River
Springhole Creek
Des Plaines River
Lily Cache Creek
St. Anne School Tributary
DuPage River
Long Run Creek
St. Francis Academy Creek
Marley Creek
Manhattan Creek
Sugar Run
Fiddyment Creek
Marley Creek
Sunnyland Drain
Forked Creek
Milne Creek
Thorn Creek
Goose Creek
Naperville Road Tributary
Thorne Creek
Hammel Creek
Normand Drain
Trim Creek
Hickory Creek
Plum Creek
Union Drainage Ditch
Illinois and Michigan Canal
Robin Hill Drive Split Flow
Unnamed Creek (South of 87th Street)
Jackson Creek
Rock Run
Wolf Creek
(Ord. 10-164, passed 6-17-2010)