PUBLIC BODIES OF WATER or PUBLIC WATERS.  All lakes, rivers, streams and waterways which are or were navigable and are open or dedicated to public use including all bayous, sloughs, backwaters and submerged lands connected by water to the main channel or body of water during normal flows or stages.
The following public bodies of water were navigable in their natural condition or were improved for navigation and opened to public use. The entire length and surface area in Illinois, including all backwater lakes and sloughs open to the main channel or body of water at normal flows or stages, are open to the public unless limited to a head of navigation as stated. Head of navigation descriptions use the United States rectangular survey system and these abbreviations: T = township, R = range, PM = principal meridian, Sec. = section, 1/4 = quarter section, N = north, E = east, S = south, W = west, USGS = U.S. Geological Survey.
-  Kankakee River
The following public bodies of water are primarily artificial navigable waters that were opened to public use.
-  Illinois and Michigan Canal
(Ord. 10-164, passed 6-17-2010)