§ 164.060  GENERAL.
   (A)   This subchapter sets forth requirements for developments within floodplains and floodways. In addition, developments in the SFHA draining more than one square mile with no designated floodway must meet IDNR/OWR Ill. Adm. Code Part 3700 Rules. References to IDNR/OWR permits or approvals in this section shall be construed as “their designee” where a portion or all of their authority has been delegated.
   (B)   Development that qualifies for any of the self-issuing statewide or regional permits administered by IDNR/OWR (Statewide Permit Nos. 1 though 14 and Regional Permit No. 3) are similarly permitted under this subchapter. The applicant’s state professional engineer shall certify to the Chief Subdivision Engineer that the development qualifies for the particular statewide or regional permit in question under the regulations established by IDNR/OWR for the permit. All other provisions of this chapter and other ordinances applicable to the development, however, continue to apply. However a permit from the county must still be issued.
(Ord. 10-164, passed 6-17-2010)