§ 164.035  SITE PLANNING.
   (A)   Applicability.  No person shall commence or perform any clearing, grading, stripping, excavating or filling of land without having first obtained a site development permit from the Development Review Division of the County Land Use Department. Requirements for a site development permit are found in §§ 164.080 through 164.085 of this chapter.
   (B)   Site planning.  Sediment and erosion control planning shall be part of the initial site planning process. In planning the development of the site, the applicant shall consider the susceptibility of existing soils to erosion and topographic features such as steep slopes and stream corridors which must be protected to reduce the amount of sediment and erosion which occurs. Where appropriate, existing vegetation shall be protected from disturbance during construction by fencing or other means.
   (C)   Planning process.  In the planning process, the applicant shall also address the following.
      (1)   For projects that involve phased construction, existing land cover for those areas not under current development shall be addressed. If existing land cover does not consist of an appropriate ground cover then these phases shall be planted temporarily to reduce erosion from idle land.
      (2)   In planning the sediment and erosion control strategy, preference shall be given to reducing erosion rather than controlling sediment. In order to accomplish this, the plan must carefully consider the construction sequence of the phases so that the amount of land area exposed to erosive forces is the minimum consistent with completing construction.
(Ord. 10-164, passed 6-17-2010)