(A)   Whenever a building has been numbered or renumbered in accordance with this chapter, the number shall not be changed or altered unless upon the direction of the county 9-1-1 emergency telephone system or those authorized by the same to assign addresses.
   (B)   In all cases where numbers have been assigned on any street, it shall be the duty of the county 9-1-1 emergency telephone system to adjust and reassign the numbers as the same may be required from time to time. In all cases where there is a mistake or conflict in numbers, the county 9-1-1 emergency telephone system shall direct and make proper adjustment of the same. The county or the County Emergency Telephone System Board shall not be held liable for any expenses incurred as a result of the address adjustment.
   (C)   At all times, the county 9-1-1 emergency telephone system shall keep an up to date list of the current address for each parcel and property located in the unincorporated county.
   (D)   The County 9-1-1 Emergency Telephone Board may be responsible for negotiating address boundary agreements with individual municipalities and negotiating intergovernmental agreements with municipalities for any municipality wanting to use the county address system. All agreements shall be subject to final negotiation and approval of the county and shall be between the municipality and the county.
   (E)   It will be the responsibility of the individual property owner, renter, lessee or other person(s) having possession or control of the structure and/or property to notify all appropriate agencies (post office, telephone company, electric company and the like) of the most current assigned address issued by the county 9-1-1 emergency telephone system.
(1980 Code, § 162.10)  (Res. 93-21, passed 5-20-1993; Ord. 10-368, passed 11-18-2010)  Penalty, see § 162.99