(A)   Authentic restoration or reconstruction. In the event that the Historic Preservation Commission finds that an application for a building permit covers activity constituting an authentic restoration or reconstruction in the same location as the original location, said building or structure may be restored or reconstructed at the same location where the original building or structure was located.
   (B)   Encroachment into a public right-of-way. Any items restored, reconstructed, or maintained over, on, or within public sidewalks, public alleys, or other such public rights-of-way, shall be the responsibility of the owner.  The owner's restoration, reconstruction, or maintenance of any such item shall constitute the owner's agreement to protect and hold the Town of Wilkesboro blameless against any and all liability, cost, damage, or expense suffered as a result of the restoration, reconstruction, or maintenance thereof.  The lowest point of any item projecting into these public areas shall be nine feet above the ground immediately below.
(Am. Ord. passed 9-14-2016)