For purposes of this chapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   CITY BUILDING.  Any building owned, leased as lessor, or the area leased as lessee and occupied by the city.
   CITY GROUNDS.  Any unenclosed area owned, leased to, or otherwise occupied by the city.
   CITY VEHICLE.  Any vehicle owned or leased by the city.
   E-CIGARETTES. Any electronic oral device, such as one composed of heating elements, battery, and/or electronic circuit, which provides a vapor or nicotine or any other substances, and the use of inhalation of which simulates smoking. The term shall include any such device, whether manufactured, distributed, marketed, or sold as an e-cigarette, e-cigar, e-pipe, or under any other produce name or descriptor.
   EMPLOYEE. Any person who is employed by the city, or who contracts with the city, or a third person to perform services for the city, with or without compensation.
   SMOKING.  The use or possession of a lighted cigarette, lighted cigar, lighted pipe, electronic cigarette or any other lighted tobacco product.
   TOBACCO PRODUCT. Includes any product containing, made, or derived from tobacco that is intended for human consumption, including snuff, snus, chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes, and any other kinds and forms of tobacco.
(Ord. 2019-O-70, passed 4-23-2019)