(A)   Any assembly, demonstration or protest shall be peaceful and shall not involve any disturbance. Any such event which devolves into a disturbance or results in injuries to any participant or observer shall be immediately ended and anyone failing to disperse, when requested by law enforcement, shall be seized and held and charged with disturbing the peace, failure to disperse or other crimes as may be applicable and appropriate, according to state law or local ordinance.
   (B)   At any event where individuals appear with their identity concealed by a mask or other article, the responding law enforcement is authorized to stop and identify the individual and require the concealing article be removed, and failure to respond to commands will be viewed as obstruction of a peace officer and treated accordingly.
   (C)   The use of a free public assembly or the use of free speech to intimidate or coerce a civilian population or the use of the event for the purpose of influencing government policy by intimidation or coercion, or to advocate or use the means of mass destruction for a particular end is deemed domestic terrorism, as that term is defined in federal law. Any acts in furtherance of such behavior shall be grounds to immediately halt the event and identify those in attendance. Individuals engaged in such acts shall be cited under state law or this chapter, and if under this chapter, shall be fined at least $300 and not to exceed $500, or imprisoned for up to six months or both. In lieu of jail time, a person may be required to perform at least 50 hours of community service for the City.
   (D)   Targeting a specific residence or business for the purpose of disrupting the residents’ peace and privacy, or disrupting the business, by means of harassment, intimidation or coercion shall be deemed as disturbing the peace and shall be addressed in accordance with the law of the state. (Ord. 362, passed 11-21-2017)