General Regulations
   98.001   Rules and regulations of Oakwood Cemetery
   98.002   Use of lots
   98.003   Transfer or assignment of lots
   98.004   Perpetual care by city
   98.005   Enforcement authority
   98.006   Sale of lots or spaces
Deeds and Records
   98.010   Records and deed requirements
   98.011   Information required by city
   98.012   Notification of transfer
Markers and Monuments
   98.020   Requirements for monuments, markers and gravestones
   98.021   Approval by city required
   98.022   Owners right to erect monument and marker
   98.023   Quality of monuments and headstones
Additional Regulations
   98.027   Double stacking prohibited
   98.030   Hours
   98.031   Prohibited activities
   98.032   Assemblies prohibited
   98.033   Alcoholic beverages prohibited
   98.034   Proper decorum required
   98.035   Regulation and removal of persons
Cemetery Grounds and Grave Sites
   98.050   Prohibitions around lots and graves
   98.051   Items allowed at grave site
   98.052   Care or safety of items
   98.053   Planting of items prohibited
   98.054   Removal of items
   98.055   Articles prohibited
   98.056   Wooden or cast iron articles prohibited
   98.999   Penalty