General Provisions
   90.001   Definitions
   90.002   Penalty for violation of chapter
   90.003   Enforcement officer
   90.004   Authority to euthanize
   90.005   Public nuisance animals
   90.006   Confinement and abandonment of animals
   90.007   Cruelty to animals
   90.008   Disposal of dead animals
   90.009   Filing of complaints
   90.014   Fighting of dogs upon exhibition
   90.015   Procedure for keeping of dogs which have bitten persons
   90.016   Dogs at large
   90.017   Impounding dogs
   90.018   Rabid or dangerous dog may be destroyed
   90.019   Vicious dogs
   90.020   Dangerous dogs
Rabies Control
   90.024   Reporting of rabies cases or suspected rabid animal required   
   90.025   Authority to quarantine
   90.026   Animals subject to quarantine for biting
   90.027   Disposition of animals exposed to rabies
Animal Vaccination
   90.030   Vaccination required
   90.031   Vaccination certificate and tag
Domestic and Prohibited Animals
   90.035   Keeping exotic or dangerous wild animals and poisonous reptiles prohibited
   90.036   Special provisions concerning fowl, rabbits, guinea pigs, bees, potbellied pigs, pygmy goats, and ferrets
   90.037   Number of animals per household
Livestock and Swine
   90.040   Running at large prohibited
   90.041   Fencing required
   90.042   Places prohibited to livestock
   90.043   Minimum lot size
   90.044   Keeping swine prohibited
   90.045   Maintenance of premises
   90.046   Location of buildings
   90.047   Exceptions
   90.050   Municipality designated a bird sanctuary
   90.051   Trapping, hunting, molesting birds prohibited
   90.052   Abatement of nuisances created by congregation of birds
Impoundment of Animals
   90.060   Impoundment of animals generally
   90.061   Reclaiming impounded animal; fees
   90.062   Unclaimed animals
   90.063   Adoption of animals from city shelter