(A)   (1)   Impoundment fee. Twenty dollars per animal for the first offense. Each subsequent impoundment shall increase by $10. There shall be no limit to the amount of impound fees paid by an owner or harborer of any animal.
      (2)   Boarding fees. Ten dollars per day (or part of each day) per animal (dog or cat); $20 per day (or part of each day) per any other animal.
      (3)   Rabies vaccination. The actual cost of any vaccinations required.
      (4)   City registration. Five dollars per domestic animal (dog or cat); $50 per exotic animal permit; $50 per overage permit (in addition to separate license for each animal); $275 per dangerous animal and/or dog per year, in addition to annual dog license.
      (5)   Veterinary bills. All veterinary bills incurred during city custody of any animal shall be the actual cost charged by the veterinarian.
      (6)   Rabies quarantine. Fifteen dollars per day ($150 maximum) per animal at clinic or shelter; $50 per home quarantine.
      (7)   Testing of rabies specimen. Fifty dollars per animal.
      (8)   Owner release of unwanted animal. Fifty dollars per adult animal.
      (9)   Deceased animal removal. Ten dollars per animal.
         (10)   Preparation of rabies specimen by veterinarian. Actual charge by veterinarian.
         (11)   Frontline flea treatment. Ten dollars per animal.
         (12)   Bordetella vaccination. Actual charge by veterinarian.
         (13)   Exemption from certain fees. There shall be no charge for livestock permits or registration for domestic animals owned by senior citizens (age 65 or over; proof of age required), guide dogs, assistance animals or foster care animals. Registration of these animals is required.
   (B)   The owner of an animal shall pay the municipality the following fees for service rendered on behalf of the owner’s animal:
      (1)   Ten dollars for pickup and disposal of a dead animal;
      (2)    Three hundred and fifty dollars for an animal which is voluntarily surrendered to the City of Whitesboro Animal Control by its owner who shows proof of City of Whitesboro resident; and
      (3)   One hundred-fifty dollars for the quarantine of an animal.
(Am. Ord. 886, passed 1-14-03; Am. Ord. 914, passed 10-14-04; Am. Ord. 921, passed 9-9-04; Am. Ord. 1124, passed 10-8-19; Am. Ord. 1185, passed 4-12-22)
   Authorized, see § 90.071(A)