The following service charge for copying governmental and public records shall be as follows:
   (A)   For readily available information on standard size pages (up to 8½ inches x 14 inches), the copying charge shall be $0.10 per page.
   (B)   For information which is not readily available, the copying charge shall be $0.10 per page plus labor costs not to exceed $15 hour incurred by the municipality in providing the requested information.
   (C)   In addition, the municipality may also add any postal expenses which may be necessary to transmit the reproduced documents to the requesting party.
   (D)   The Municipal Secretary shall establish the copying or reproduction charge for nonstandard sized pages or documents (maps, books, and the like). For guidance refer to Texas Administrative Code rule § 70.10.
   (E)   For any charges that will exceed $40 a detailed written estimate shall be provided to the requestor.
(Ord. 1046, passed 12-11-12)
   Authorized, see § 31.060