§ 156.216  REQUIREMENTS.
   In order to lessen or avoid congestion in the streets and to secure safety and promote general welfare, the following regulations are established to require that each building hereafter erected, reconstructed or structurally altered, which is arranged, intended or designed to be used for any of the following uses, shall provide off-street parking space of no less than 250 square feet for each space within the building or on the premises surrounding the building, or on other premises when specified, as follows:
   (A)   Residence and apartment buildings:  One vehicle parking space for each family housed in the building.
   (B)   Hotels and lodging houses:  One vehicle parking space for each two sleeping rooms.
   (C)   Theaters, sports arenas, churches, temples, mortuaries and other places of congregation:  One vehicle parking space for each five seats.
   (D)   Bowling alleys, skating rinks, lodge halls, union halls, supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants, taverns and night clubs:  Four square feet of parking space for each square foot of floor structure.
   (E)   Industrial, manufacturing, wholesale and office uses:  One vehicle parking space for each three employees or occupants.  The maximum number of employees of a manufacturing, industrial or wholesale use or occupants of an office building shall be used as a basis for determining the number of parking spaces to be provided.
   (F)   Roadside sales stand:  A minimum of six vehicle parking spaces to be determined and required as a part of the permit for such special use.
(Ord. 70-2, passed 5-11-70)