§ 156.180  ENUMERATED.
   The following uses or structural alterations thereto, which are hereby classified as special uses and exceptions, may be permitted by the Board of Zoning Appeals after public notice and hearing according to law and after a report by the Town Plan Commission and determination by the Board of Zoning Appeals that the special use on the site applied for is consistent with the spirit, purpose and intent of this chapter and will not substantially or permanently injure the appropriate use of neighboring property; and if of a public of semipublic nature, will substantially serve the public convenience and general welfare.
   (A)   Museums and art galleries.
   (B)   Churches.
   (C)   Cemetery.
   (D)   Colleges and universities.
   (E)   Community centers.
   (F)   Public utilities.
(Ord. 70-2, passed 5-11-70; Am. Ord. 96-25, passed 12-9-96)