§ 156.155  USES PERMITTED.
   (A)   Uses permitted and specified in Apartment District, B-1 Business District, C-1 Commercial District, C-2 Commercial District and L-1 Light Industrial District, excluding uses permitted and specified in all Residential Districts.
   (B)   Additional uses.
      (1)   Motor bus or railroad stations, railroad shops or yards.
      (2)   Freight terminals.
      (3)   Building material storage yard.
      (4)   Lumber yard.
      (5)   Farm implement sales and service.
      (6)   Motor vehicle salvage and junk storage.
      (7)   Brewery.
      (8)   Bulk storage of flammable fluids in aboveground tanks.
      (9)   Cement product manufacturing.
      (10)   Creamery or manufacturing of dairy products.
      (11)   Grain elevators, flour or cereal mills.
      (12)   Foundry or metal forging.
      (13)   Automobile or truck manufacturing.
      (14)   Veterinary hospitals and kennels including animal incineration.
      (15)   Manufacturing of durable goods.
      (16)   Monument and stone cutting.
      (17)   Tree services.
   (C)   Uses not permitted.
      (1)   Gas manufacture for commercial sale.
      (2)   Acid manufacture.
      (3)   Alcohol manufacture.
      (4)   Ammonia, bleaching powder, or chlorine manufacture.
      (5)   Blast furnace.
      (6)   Cement, lime, gypsum or plaster of paris manufacture.
      (7)   Creosote manufacture.
      (8)   Distillation of bones, wood or coal.
      (9)   Dyestuff manufacture.
      (10)   Explosives or fireworks manufacture or storage.
      (11)   Fat rendering.
      (12)   Garbage, offal or dead animals reduction or storage.
      (13)   Glue or gelatine manufacture.
      (14)   Petroleum refining.
      (15)   Smelting of tin, copper, zinc or iron ores.
      (16)   Tar distillation or manufacture.
      (17)   Manufacture or industrial operations of any kind which is noxious or offensive more than 200 feet beyond the confines of the premises of building in which such operation is conducted by reason of the emission of smoke, dust, gas, fumes, odors, noise or vibrations.
(Ord. 70-2, passed 5-11-70; Am. Ord. 96-23, passed 12-9-96; Am. Ord. 2013-06, passed 3-11-13)