§ 156.140  USES PERMITTED.
   (A)   Uses permitted and specified for Apartment District, Business District and C-1 Commercial District, excluding uses permitted and specified in all Residential Districts.
   (B)   Additional uses:
      (1)   Gas stations engaging in motor vehicle repair service.
      (2)   Public parking lots.
      (3)   Tire dealers and tire repair service.
      (4)   Retail and department stores.
      (5)   Hospitals.
      (6)   Insurance companies.
      (7)   Bakery.
      (8)   Wholesale uses including:
         (a)   Wholesale storage and warehouses.
         (b)   Wholesale sales.
      (9)   Recreational uses including:
         (a)   Amusement parks.
         (b)   Motion picture theaters but not drive-in theaters.
         (c)   Golf courses and driving ranges.
         (d)   Bowling alley.
         (e)   Skating rink.
         (f)   Billiard rooms.
      (10)   Night clubs, bars or taverns and retail establishments selling alcoholic beverages by the drink.
      (11)   Hotels and motels.
      (12)   Private clubs.
      (13)   Veterinary clinics without animal incineration.
      (14)   Mobile home sales and service.
      (15)   Public warehouses.
      (16)   Retail hardware and building material sales.
      (17)   Funeral homes.
      (18)   General contracting and special trades services without outside storage:
         (a)   Heating and air conditioning contractors.
         (b)   Electrical contractors.
         (c)   Masonry contractors.
         (d)   General construction and home improvement contractors.
      (19)   Motor vehicle sales and service.
      (20)   Motor vehicle service including body shops, motor vehicle wash or motor vehicle detail shop.
      (21)   Governmental services:
         (a)   Town halls.
         (b)   Assessors office.
         (c)   Postal offices.
         (d)   Campaign headquarters.
         (e)   Fire and police.
(Ord. 96-22, passed 12-9-96; Am. Ord. 2007-5, passed 1-14-08)  Penalty, see § 156.999