§ 156.125  USES PERMITTED.
   (A)   Uses permitted and specified for B-1 Business District, excluding uses permitted and specified in R-1 Residential Districts.
   (B)   Additional uses:
      (1)   Gas stations not engaging in motor vehicle services.
      (2)   Business services including:
         (a)   Banks and loan offices.
         (b)   Engineering and architectural offices.
      (3)   Personal and social services including:
         (a)   Public education.
         (b)   Day care centers.
         (c)   Employment offices (Human Resources Management).
         (d)   Dance studios and academies.
      (4)   Health services including:
         (a)   Nursing homes.
         (b)   Medical labs.
         (c)   Medical offices.
         (d)   Emergency health care offices.
      (5)   Clothing service uses including:
         (a)   Dry cleaning.
         (b)   Self service laundries.
         (c)   Tailors, dressmakers, and millinery.
         (d)   Shoe repair.
      (6)   Equipment and retail service uses including:
         (a)   Computer and electronic sales and service.
         (b)   Appliance stores.
         (c)   Record, tape or compact disc stores.
         (d)   Personal and small business printing trades.
         (e)   Building trades.
         (f)   Retail general merchandise.
         (g)   Auto sales without motor vehicle service.
         (h)   Drugstores.
         (i)   News dealers and magazine shops.
         (j)   Flower shops and greenhouses in conjunction with a flower shop.
      (7)   Food service uses including:
         (a)   Grocery.
         (b)   Meat markets.
         (c)   Delicatessens.
         (d)   Retail food.
         (e)   Restaurants and fast-food.
         (f)   Micro-brewery in conjunction with retail food sales.
      (8)   Boarding houses.
(Ord. 96-21, passed 12-9-96; Am. Ord. 2007-5, passed 1-14-08)  Penalty, see § 156.999