§ 156.084  YARDS.
   (A)   Buildings shall be set back from the front, rear, and side lines of all lots in order to establish open areas designated as front, rear and side yards.
   (B)   Minimum set backs for such purposes shall be as follows:
      (1)   Front yard.
         (a)   The minimum front building line shall be 30 feet.
         (b)   Any block where 25% of the lots are occupied by buildings, the average depth of front yards established by the front yards for the block.
         (c)   Where front yard or set back line is established in a recorded subdivision, such lines establish the front yards, provided such line is not closer to the front line than the provisions hereof.
         (d)   Lots extending through from one street to another, front yards required on each street.
         (e)   Detached building other than garages, the front line of such building shall be in the rear of the rear line of the principal structure on the lot.
      (2)   Side yard.
         (a)   Ten-foot minimum on each side, except corner lots where the side yard set on the side street the back shall be the same as front yard set back.
         (b)   Accessory buildings located in rear yards may not be located within 10 feet of the side lot line.
      (3)   Rear yard.
         (a)   Normally 25% of the lot, minimum required, 25 feet.
         (b)   Where an alley abuts rear lot, depth of rear yard may be measured from the center line of the alley.
         (c)   Accessory buildings may not be located closer than six feet of the rear lot line.
(Ord. 96-19, passed 12-9-96; Am. Ord. 2007-5, passed 1-14-08)