§ 156.050  USES PERMITTED.
   No building or premises shall be used and no building shall be erected, reconstructed or structurally altered which is arranged, intended or designed to be used for other than the following uses, unless otherwise provided herein:
   (A)   Single-family dwelling.
   (B)   Church or other building for religious worship.
   (C)   Public school, elementary or high; and educational institutions having courses of study equivalent to those of public schools.
   (D)   Home occupation.
   (E)   Public park or public playground and essential accessory buildings thereof.
   (F)   Railroad right-of-way but not railroad yards, shops, stations or other buildings.
   (G)   Child care homes used as primary residence of the person who operates child care home pursuant to IC 36-7-4-1108.
   (H)   Vegetables and flower gardens, orchards and farming but not the raising of livestock and poultry and provided that no sign, display or sales stand is used in conjunction therewith.
   (I)   Church or public building bulletin boards not exceeding 12 square feet in area.
   (J)   Sign of a temporary character, not exceeding six square feet in area, pertaining to the lease, hire or sale of a building or premises, which sign shall be removed as soon as the building or premises has been leased, hired or sold.
(Ord. 70-2, passed 5-11-70; Am. Ord. 96-17, passed 12-9-96; Am. Ord. 2007-5, passed 1-14-08)  Penalty, see § 156.999