§ 156.010  REMEDIES.
   The Town Plan Commission, the Board of Zoning Appeals, the Building Commissioner, or any designated enforcement official, or any person, firm or corporation, jointly or severally aggrieved, may institute a suit for injunction in the Circuit Court and/or the Superior Courts of Johnson County to restrain any individual or a government unit from violating the provisions of this chapter.  The Town Plan Commission or Board of Zoning Appeals also may institute a suit for mandatory injunction directing an individual, corporation or government unit to remove a structure erected in violation of the provisions of this chapter.  Any building erected, raised or converted, or land or premises used in violation of any provision of this chapter or the requirements thereof, is hereby declared a common nuisance and as such may be abated in a manner as the nuisances are now or hereafter may be abated under existing law.
(Ord. 70-2, passed 5-11-70; Am. Ord. 1989-6, passed 9-11-89)