§ 156.001  TITLE; PURPOSE.
   (A)   This chapter is established for the purpose of:
      (1)   Classifying, regulating and limiting the height, area, bulk and use of buildings hereafter erected;
      (2)   Regulating and determining the area of front, rear and side yards and other open spaces about buildings and structures;
      (3)   Regulating and determining the use and density of use of land and lot areas;
      (4)   Classifying, regulating and restricting the location of trades, callings, industries, commercial enterprises and the location of buildings designed for specified uses;
      (5)   Dividing the town into districts of such kind, character, number, shape and area as may be deemed necessary to carry out the purpose of this chapter; to provide for administration of and penalties for the violation of its provisions; authorizing the creation of a Board of Zoning Appeals and providing for review of the decisions of such Board by the court.
   (B)   This chapter, and chapters supplemental or amendatory thereto, shall be known as the Zoning and Master Plan of Whiteland, Indiana.
(Ord. 70-2, passed 5-11-70)