(A)   Any applicant to whom a variance is granted that allows the lowest floor of a structure to be built below the flood protection grade shall be given written notice over the signature of a community official that:
      (1)   The issuance of a variance to construct a structure below the flood protection grade will result in increased premium rates for flood insurance up to amounts as high as $25 for $100 of insurance coverage; and
      (2)   Such construction below the flood protection grade increases risks to life and property. A copy of the notice shall be recorded by the Floodplain Administrator in the Office of the Johnson County Recorder and shall be recorded in a manner so that it appears in the chain of title of the affected parcel of land.
   (B)   The Floodplain Administrator shall maintain a record of all variance actions.
(Ord. 2015-03, passed 11-9-15)