§ 156.230  GENERALLY.
   (A)   Sight Visibility Triangle  required. All properties shall maintain an area (the "Sight Visibility Triangle") at every intersection of an adjoining street with other streets and entrance drives. The sight visibility triangle shall be free of structures, vegetation, signs (other than street signs), and other opaque or partially opaque objects between a height of two-and-a-half and 12 feet measured from the nearest top-of-curb (or edge of pavement where curbs are not present).
   (B)   Sight Visibility Triangle dimensions: The Sight Visibility Triangle shall be established by connecting points located along the intersecting rights-of-way (or edge of pavement in the case of entrances) at the distances from the point of intersection required by the Sight Visibility Requirements table.
Sight Visibility Requirements Table
Intersecting street type
Distance from intersection
35 feet
30 feet
25 feet
Private entrance
10 feet
(Ord. 2014-04, passed 6-9-14)