§ 150.37 SCHEDULE.
   Permits required by § 150.36 shall be issued upon the payment of the following building permit fees:
   (A)   Residential.
      (1)   New construction.
         (a)   Includes residences, duplexes, garages, and manufactured housing, anything under roof, including basements: $250 + $0.05/sf
         (b)   Apartments/Multifamily (3 units or more in one building): $150/unit
      (2)   Remodel/Additions. Includes any structural, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC, excluding cosmetic alterations such as new windows, drywall, reroof, siding, etc.: $100 + $0.05/sf
      (3)   Electrical upgrade. (Electrical Services) $75
      (4)   Accessory buildings.
         (a)   Mini-barns, up to 160 sf: $35
         (b)   Residential accessory building, 161 - 199 sf: $50
         (c)   Residential accessory building 200 sf and greater: $100 + $0.05/sf
         (d)   Fences: $35
         (e)   Decks: $75
         (f)   Driveway extension: $35
         (g)   Masonry mailbox: $1
      (5)   Mobile home permits. (upgrade only) $150
      (6)   Swimming pools.
         (a)   Inground swimming pools: $125
         (b)   Above ground swimming pools: $75
      (7)   Development plans:
         (a)   $200 plus $5 acre (for sites less than 5 acres)
         (b)   $250 plus $5 acre (for sites greater than 5 acres)
      (8)   Amendments to approved development plan: $75 plus $5/acre
   (B)   Commercial.
      (1)   New construction: $400 + $0.05/sf
      (2)   Additions: $300 + $0.05/sf
      (3)   Remodels or tenant finish: $200 + $0.05/sf
      (4)   Remodel zero sf: $75
      (5)   Accessory building less than 200 sf: $75
      (6)   Accessory building 200 or more sf: $300 + $0.05/sf
      (7)   Structures other than buildings (grain bins, etc.): $75
      (8)   Towers: $100 plus $1 per ft
      (9)   Public swimming pool: $100 plus $0.5/sq ft. (sf of pool area, not inclusive of buildings)
      (10)   Standalone parking lot: $75
      (11)   Agriculture building: $50 plus $.10/sq ft.
   (C)   Signs.
      (1)   Ground signs: $30 plus $1/sf
      (2)   Pole signs: $50 plus $1/sf
      (3)   Wall signs: $10 plus $1/sf
      (4)   Portable signs: $50
      (5)   Billboards: $100 plus $1/sf
      (6)   Change of copy: $35
   (D)   Petitions.
      (1)   Development standards variance (residential): $50 per variance
      (2)   Development standards variance (nonresidential): $200 per variance
      (3)   Land use variance: $200 per variance
      (4)   Special exception: $200
      (5)   Annexation, initial zoning: $400
      (6)   Rezoning, text amendments: $400
      (7)   Primary (preliminary) plat subdivision: $500 + $5/lot
      (8)   Secondary (final) plat subdivision (per section): $500 + $5/lot
      (9)   Resubdivision for subdivision (replat): $250
      (10)   Vacation of plat: $100
      (11)   Development plan, less than 5 acres: $200 + $5/acre
      (12)   Development plan, over 5 acres: $350 + $5/acre
      (13)   Development plan amendments: $75 + $5/acre
      (14)   PUD, concept plan and zoning: $500
      (15)   PUD final plan: $250
   (E)   Miscellaneous.
      (1)   Re-inspection fee: $75 (Building inspection fees for commercial and residential construction are included in permit fee. However, any individual inspection that requires more than two trips will be assessed a re-inspection fee.)
      (2)   Demolition permit (tearing down or removal of any existing building): $25
      (3)   Final grade certification fee: $250
   (F)   For unusually large or complex buildings or structures, the Building Commissioner shall have the power to increase the number of required inspections by 50%
   (G)   The Building Commissioner shall, in all cases, designate the stage of construction when each required inspection must be requested by the permit holder.
   (H)   No concrete shall be placed for foundations without prior inspection.
   (I)   No electrical, mechanical, plumbing or thermal insulation work shall be covered without prior inspection.
   (J)   Where additional inspections are required due to failure of the permit holder to have work ready for inspection at a designated stage of construction, the Building Commissioner shall have the power to assess a reinspection fee of $75 for each such additional inspection. Reinspection fees shall be paid to the town prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy.
   (K)   The Building Commissioner shall submit an annual report to the Plan Commission and the Town Council which shall include an analysis of the inspections performed, permit fees collected, cost of inspection operations and recommendations for adjustment of required inspection fees as necessary.
   (L)   The fee for any permit issued after work for that permit has begun is two times original permit fee.
   (M)   The fee for additional copies of any improvement location permit/building permit or certificate of occupancy is $5.
(Ord. 88-8, passed 10-4-88; Am. Ord. 93-5, passed 10-11-93; Am. Ord. 96-35, passed 12-9-96; Am. Ord. 00-11, passed 11-14-00; Am. Ord. 2012-09, passed 1-14-13; Am. Ord. 2013-07, passed 5-13-13) Penalty, see § 150.99