(A)   No building permit shall be issued for the foregoing purposes unless the application for a permit is accompanied by a plat or sketch of the proposed location showing lot boundaries, and by plans and specifications showing the work to be done. In addition, a copy of a Design Release, issued by the State Building Commissioner and State Fire Marshal pursuant to IC 22-15-3-1, shall be provided to the Building Commissioner before issuance of a permit for construction covered by such Design Release.
   (B)   Plans and specifications.
      (1)   Before the erection, construction, reconstruction or alteration of any building, or part of any building, or any part of any structure or wall, or of any appurtenances thereto, upon any premises in the town; and before the installation of any electrical work, electrical installation or electrical wiring, or of any plumbing or steam fitting, the owner or owners, lessee or agent, or any of them, or the architect, builder or contractor employed by the above persons, shall submit to the Building Commissioner a detailed statement and a copy of the specifications, and two full and complete copies of the plans, certified plat survey and/or plan, of such proposed work, and also two complete sets of structural drawings, wind pressure and snow load stress diagrams, where required, and all other necessary data of said proposed work and the location and extent thereof as the Building Commissioner may require.
      (2)   Prints in duplicate for all buildings and structures, both old and new, both public and private, shall be filed with the Building Commissioner before a permit shall be issued.
      (3)   A complete survey, showing all property lines and size of the lot or premises where any building is to be erected or constructed and, where necessary, certified by a professional engineer or land surveyor registered in this state shall accompany said plans and specifications, unless in the opinion of the Building Commissioner such survey is not necessary.
      (4)   Pencil drawings may be submitted for prints for buildings accessory to residences.
      (5)   The submission of plans for electrical and plumbing work to be performed shall be made in duplicate whenever deemed necessary by the Building Commissioner.
      (6)   All specifications shall comply with the building rules of the Indiana Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission.
      (7)   All plans shall be drawn to a scale of one-quarter of an inch to one foot of actual structure or building measurements; provided, however, that by permission of the Building Commissioner another scale may be used or with the Building Commissioner's approval the drawing may be done without being made to scale.
      (8)   No changes are to be made in plans after permit is issued. No change shall be made in any plans or specifications or construction after the building permit has been issued except by permission in writing of the Building Commissioner.
(Ord. 88-8, passed 10-4-88; Am. Ord. 96-33, passed 12-9-96)