§ 150.08 FENCES.
   (A)   Every partition or party fence, erected jointly by adjoining owners, shall be maintained in good and sufficient repair by the owners of the ground on each side of the partition line, at the joint expense of such owners.
   (B)   No fence so erected by agreement of the adjoining owners shall be less than three feet six inches in height, and no more than seven feet in height, except pursuant to the agreement of the parties interested on both sides of such fence and the approval of the Building Commissioner, and except also that a fence on or adjacent to the property line bordering a street, alley, or other public right-of-way, may be more than seven feet in height, if so approved by the Building Commissioner.
   (C)   No fence shall be erected or maintained in contravention of any provisions of this section.
   (D)   No barbed wire shall be used on, or in the construction of, any fence unless the fence structure is at least seven feet high, in which case barbed wire may be strung in one or more strands in such a way that all barbed wire will be on the private property side of the vertical plane of the fence, and at least seven feet above the surface of the ground, farmers or land used for farming excepted.
   (E)   No wood fence such as a privacy, slat, or panel or any other fence which obstructs visibility in either direction, shall be erected between the front building line and the front property line of any platted lot or parcel of land in the town.
   (F)   Anyone desiring to construct or build any fence must acquire a Building Permit and/or Location Improvement Permit from the Building Commissioner.
(Ord. 96-37, passed 12-9-96)