(A)   Following primary plat and construction plan approval, the applicant shall file with the Plan Commission staff an application for secondary plat approval. The submission shall include:
      (1)   A completed application on forms available at the Department of Planning and Zoning.
      (2)   A filing fee as established in § 10.97.
      (3)   The proposed secondary plat as described in this chapter. The Plan Commission staff shall determine the minimum number of copies sufficient for review. Such plat shall comply with this chapter and the terms and conditions, if any, of primary approval.
      (4)   Any restrictive covenants in a form approved by the Plan Commission, where they have been proposed by the subdivides required by this chapter, or required by the Plan Commission.
   (B)   The secondary plat shall be found by the Plan Commission staff to be in conformance with the primary approval. The Plan Commission staff shall, within ten working days, review the submission in order to ascertain conformance with the primary approval.
      (1)   If the secondary plat deviates from the primary plat approval, the subdivision shall be resubmitted to the Plan Commission for a new primary approval.
      (2)   If the submission is found to be in conformance and complete, the Administrator shall recommend the signing of the plat granting secondary approval.
(Ord. 2014-03, passed 5-12-14)