(A)   Submission procedure and requirements.
      (1)   Following review of the primary plat and prior to submission of the secondary plat for approval, the petitioner shall file with the Plan Commission, before starting work on any improvements, detailed construction plans and specifications thereof, for approval. The Plan Commission staff shall determine the format and minimum number of copies sufficient for review.
      (2)   These plans and specifications are to be submitted by the filing deadline for a regularly scheduled Plan Commission meeting at which approval will be requested by the petitioner.
   (B)   Review process.
      (1)   In no event shall approval of the secondary plat be given prior to approval of the construction plans.
      (2)   The Plan Commission will cause the plans to be referred to affected participating agencies and departments and their review comments will be heard at the public meeting at which a decision is rendered on the plans.
(Ord. 2014-03, passed 5-12-14)