The following rules and regulations shall be required in the construction, alteration or erection of any building within the town:
   (A)   All scrap paper, scrap lumber, or any other harmful matter of a combustible nature shall be disposed of and the premises kept free from fire hazards.
   (B)   Any person engaged in the erection, reconstruction, wrecking, or alteration of any building may not use the public highways, streets, alleys, or public sidewalks for the storage of building materials to be used in the construction, repair, or alteration of any building for which a Building Permit or Improvement Location Permit has been issued. Special approval for variation from this requirement may be granted by the Plan Commission upon written recommendation of the Building Commissioner.
   (C)   The gutter or waterway of any highway, street, or alley shall not be obstructed at any time by any building materials, earth, sand, gravel and all said gutters or waterways must be kept clean at all times to allow the free passage of water in and along the same.
   (D)   Whenever any new building is to be erected or constructed, or any building is to be remodeled or wrecked, and where such building is more than one story in height and is located adjacent to any street or sidewalk, the owner, agent, or contractor for such construction, erection, remodeling or wrecking, before proceeding with such work, shall first erect a safe and convenient enclosed passageway for the use of pedestrians, between the property line and the curb adjacent to such building or structure. Any enclosed passageway shall be so constructed as to give a free and unobstructed passage not less than six feet in width and eight feet in height, for pedestrians; provided however that such passageway need not be greater than that of the existing sidewalk upon the street where such enclosed passageway shall be required. The sides and roof of such enclosed passageway shall be constructed of material of sufficient size and strength to afford full, adequate and complete covering. Such enclosed passageway shall be watertight and the inside walls and ceilings shall be painted white throughout the entire length thereof. Such enclosed passageway shall be equipped with suitable lights of sufficient number and power and maintained so as to illuminate the passageway at all times. The enclosed passageway shall at all times be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition and shall be kept free from rubbish, litter and advertising display and shall be provided with suitable solid approaches to the walkways thereof. No advertising signs shall be painted on the passageway and no other things of such character shall be attached thereto by any person. Sidewalks adjoining the site shall be kept clean at all times. The Building Commissioner shall have the power to relieve the owner, agent, or contractor from the requirements of this section in cases where the safety and convenience of pedestrians do not require the erection of such enclosed passageway. No such passageway shall extend over into the portion of the highway, improved, designed or ordinarily used for vehicular traffic, except upon the written permission therefore issued by the Building Commissioner.
(Ord. 96-36, passed 12-9-96)