(A)   Following review of the sketch plan, the petitioner may file for approval of a primary plat. This submission shall include:
      (1)   An application form available from the Department of Planning and Zoning.
      (2)   A filing fee as established in the Official Fee Schedule (see § 10.97) to cover the cost of administration and reviewing the plat.
      (3)   A context map indicating all land which the applicant proposes to subdivide and all land immediately adjacent extending 100 feet from the street frontage of such opposite land, with the names and addresses of the owners as shown in the Auditor's files. This information may be shown on a separate, current plat map reproduction from the Auditor's office showing the boundaries of the subdivisions superimposed thereon.
      (4)   The primary plat as described in this chapter. The Plan Commission staff shall determine the minimum number of copies sufficient for review.
   (B)   The Plan Commission staff shall preliminarily review the submission for completeness and general compliance with the sketch plan as reviewed and commented upon. Incomplete or inadequate applications may be refused.
(Ord. 2014-03, passed 5-12-14)