(A)   A petitioner seeking approval of a subdivision shall submit a primary subdivision plat to be approved, conditionally approved, or denied by the Plan Commission at a public hearing, construction and improvement plans, and a secondary subdivision plat, which must be found in compliance with the primary plat as approved by the Plan Commission, or otherwise approved, in order to be signed and recorded. The general order of procedure for approval of a plat of a subdivision is:
      (1)   Sketch plan meeting with Plan Commission staff.
      (2)   Primary plat public hearing at Plan Commission.
      (3)   Construction drawings review and approval by Plan Commission.
      (4)   Installation of improvements and/or posting of surety by petitioner.
      (5)   Acceptance of improvements and/or sureties by Town Council.
      (6)   Secondary plat approval by Plan Commission.
      (7)   Certifications on the plat document.
      (8)   Recordation of plat by petitioner.
   (B)   A petitioner desiring approval of a plat of a subdivision of any land lying within the jurisdiction of the Plan Commission shall submit a written application therefor to the Plan Commission staff. The application shall be accompanied by the information, requirements, and plans required herein, all in accordance with the requirements set forth in this chapter.
(Ord. 2014-03, passed 5-12-14)