(A)   The town hereby establishes a schedule for charging and collecting fees for copies of documents obtained from all town offices unless covered by a separate statute different from I.C. 5-14-3-8(D). Any fees excluded or not provided for by separate statute shall be under this schedule.
      (1)   Copies of any size available: $.10 per page.
      (2)   Color copies of any size available: $25 per page.
      (3)   Facsimile sent or received: $.10 per page local; $.50 per page long distance.
      (4)   Photos - crime scene or other (each): $5.
      (5)   CDs/DVDs, prepared (each): $5.
      (6)   Accident reports: $5.
      (7)   Police reports: $5.
   (B)   All revenue received pursuant to this section shall be deposited with the Clerk/Treasurer and credited to the general fund.
(Ord. 01-13, passed 11-13-11; Am. Ord. 2013-07, passed 5-13-13)